Making Cryptocurrency Investing Accessible to the Masses, H2cryptO Announces Launch of Exchange Platform; the First to Offer and Emphasize 24/7/365 Live Support

ATLANTA, GA, April 18th, 2022 — H2CryptO, an Atlanta-based cryptocurrency exchange company, announces the launch of its platform. It empowers cryptocurrency investors through an offering of tools that streamline the process of cryptocurrency investing and provide unparalleled client service which leverages both AI and human support.

Founded in 2021 by George Kushner, Jake Perez, and Frederic Rough, H2cryptO was created with the knowledge that cryptocurrency investors and traders needed more support with their cryptocurrency accounts than available through other platforms.

“Less than 300 million people out of almost 8 billion have exposure to cryptocurrencies. We are on a global mission to make cryptocurrency investing and trading accessible, easy, and less intimidating for everyone in the world,” says CEO George Kushner, “Once we realized that none of the existing platforms in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape emphasize help, assistance, knowledge, or know-how, we decided an exchange that offers live 24/7/365 client support would have mass appeal, and we immediately knew that as an opportunity to make a real impact. No longer will investors have to face uncertainty within their accounts and portfolios with nowhere to turn for help. Not only is this meaningful for current crypto-investors, but it opens the possibilities and makes crypto-investing accessible for everyone else.”

H2cryptO’s cryptocurrency exchange platform eliminates the fear of the unknown from trading and provides live client service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. With the goal of making H2cryptO the preferred cryptocurrency exchange for investors and traders, the company’s service-centric strategy provides a solution to investors who are hesitant to become involved.

Clients can choose the mode of contact that works best for them at any given time, thanks to smooth and straightforward omnichannel assistance. H2cryptO allows crypto investors to communicate with the company on their terms, whenever and wherever they want. Clients can receive real-time answers to their inquiries via live chat, email, or voice. H2cryptO can stay connected to its clients and provide the support they require by allowing them to choose the style of connection that they prefer. This service combines human interactions with intentional technology to produce the most efficient and effective client experience possible, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to simplify service across numerous contact channels.

The service is now live at for all.

About H2cryptO: Client service is at the heart of H2cryptO‘s exchange, making cryptocurrency trading and investment easier. With options on the exchange in English, Mandarin, and Spanish, this complex yet simple interface makes investing and trading in cryptocurrencies simple. The trading platform is available online and via a mobile app, with biometric and two-factor authentication (2FA) and numerous levels of protection to ensure secure transactions. H2cryptO is suitable for beginners and experienced traders looking to make their first cryptocurrency purchases. Investors can choose from simple and easy-to-use predetermined denominations of cryptocurrencies or tokens by clicking on clear buy/sell buttons on an intuitive interface, or they can customize their token amount. Through sophisticated current charting capabilities, the H2cryptO trading platform also provides traders with additional technical analysis of each crypto asset and trading volume.