Midpoint.Market Launches the First Ever NFT Intellectual Property Marketplace

Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, CryptoPunk and FameLadySquad NFT holders can now license their IP to interested parties.

Metaverse – March 21, 2022: Digital collectibles on the blockchain have seen explosive growth over the past year. Today, Draper Goren Holm incubated company, Midpoint, a supergroup of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Blockchain & Booze community members came together to launch the first IP marketplace for NFT holders.

In a trend made popular by the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, more and more NFT projects are granting and assigning their NFT token holders intellectual property rights to the art and media in their NFTs. For the first time ever, collectors can now license that art to interested parties like brands, game developers, businesses or other artists. Midpoint provides the marketplace and product that simplifies the licensing process and allows NFT holders to unlock more value from the collectibles in their crypto wallets.

“As a true believer and holder of these collectibles, I want to unlock the value of owning the intellectual property rights of NFTs,” said Matthew Johnson aka Mr. Suit, Founder and CEO of Midpoint. “But right now there’s no easy way to do that unless you’re experienced with IP and licensing. Midpoint is here to change that.”

On Midpoint, NFT holders indicate that they are interested in getting paid for licensing opportunities and potential licensors submit offers to be entertained by the NFT holders. When an NFT holder accepts an offer, Midpoint automates and facilitates the whole licensing process and the NFT never has to leave the collectors wallet.

“Automating the NFT licensing process not only unlocks access to the $280 Billion Dollar licensing market for the average NFT collector, it creates a new market for these collectors to monetize and earn income from their collection,” said Alon Goren aka Punk Apestrong, Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm.

Recently, Snoop Dogg entered the NFT intellectual property game by allowing his NFT holders to remix his track. “You buy it. You own the rights to it all. Buy the Snoop Dogg beat? Make your own track,” said Snoop Dogg publicly.

Another celebrity to participate in this space recently was Eva Longoria, who thanked the World of Women NFT community publicly for granting her rights to the intellectual property of her NFT, which allowed her to get the NFT image printed on sweatshirts for charity, “And a special shoutout to @worldofwomennft for giving us holders IP rights which allowed us to make this sweatshirt whose proceeds help girls and young women around the world.” 

NFT holders interested in licensing their NFT IP can now go to Midpoint.Market to indicate their interest.

About Midpoint

Midpoint has a vision to set the standard for NFT IP licensing by creating value for both NFT holders and brands hoping to utilize the IP of an NFT. By normalizing and standardizing IP licensing in the NFT space and showing the value of NFT collections that grant full IP rights to holders, Midpoint aims to encourage other projects to do the same. This not only generates value for the NFT holders, the brands that license them, and the NFT collection, but will contribute to the growth of the NFT and licensing industries as a whole.
More information can be found at Midpoint.Market