The New Benchmark for Easy Token Swaps: Totle Swap

Swapping tokens just got a whole lot easier.

Today, Totle is announcing that it’s newest DEX aggregation tool is live: Totle Swap

Totle Swap simplifies trading ERC-20 tokens by offering an incredibly intuitive interface that anyone can get familiar with instantly, and they didn’t stop there. Totle Swap automatically gets all users the best price available on the DEX market for every swap made! 

This offers both people new to crypto and experienced crypto users a new go-to place to swap tokens. It’s apparent that Totle’s goal is to make exchanging tokens so easy that using anything else will be an inconvenience. 

Mobile First

Totle Swap flourishes on mobile. Exchanging tokens through a mobile device has been a challenge in the cryptocurrency space due to the complexity of exchange mechanics. 

Totle’s overcome this hurdle by handling the complexity for users and making an interface authentic to the mobile experience that can be accessed through your favorite mobile crypto wallet.

How it Works

Totle Swap is built on top of the new and improved Totle API V2, which is now available to all!

Totle V2 focuses on swaps instead of buys and sells. This is simpler and enables multiple trades to be executed. To improve trade rates, they’ve also added additional base currencies such as WETH, DAI, MKR, and any asset that could ultimately improve the rate.

If you do have any troubles with setting up Totle V2, there’s now developer friendly error reporting to guide you to a quick fix! 

By building swap on top of their new robust API, it’s easy to see the level of quality that products built on top of it can deliver. 

Totle’s on an unstoppable path to making building with decentralized liquidity a breeze. We can’t wait to see what kind of projects will come out of using Totle V2. 

Build with Totle

Developers looking to build with the Totle API can get more information from their updated documentation here: Totle V2 Documentation

Totle provides decentralized liquidity for ERC-20 token swaps and transfers at the best prices available by aggregating the top DEXs into a single source. 

To access or learn more about Totle Swap or Totle V2 visit 

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Totle is a Draper Goren Holm portfolio company.