Decentralized finance Totle

Totle: Decentralized Liquidity on Autopilot

We live in a world where decisions regarding national and global economies are made by a small, centralized group of stakeholders. However, there is a newly emerging decentralized economy comprised of human-proof governance for politics, finance, and data. Enter Totle.

Totle is a decentralized token exchange ecosystem that is dually designed with a token-swap feature and trade-data console as well as an API. 

What is the market potential of Totle?

The platform is actively positioned inside an industry that has tripled in transaction volume since the start of 2019. According to a 2019 internally commissioned report compiled by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, D5, over $300 million in transactions were completed since January (up 248%). As a result, the platform is well-position inside a booming industry.

Totle’s Core Products: 

Totle Swap and Totle Console are the two features that make up the core infrastructure.

Swap: Totle’s Swap mechanism allows tokens to be swapped at the best price across decentralized exchanges. 

Console: Totle’s trade data console is home to Totle’s API usage, which deploys fee contracts, claim commissions, and access other resources.

Totle’s API: 

Totle’s API and smart contracts work together to compare prices and route orders across the world’s leading decentralized exchanges.

The API allows partners to focus on development while our platform enhances exchange functionality across three main focus areas. Above all, Totle finds the best prices for a given ERC20 token across multiple, decentralized exchanges and settles those orders automatically. Two- it allows swaps for one token of equal value for another token. Lastly- it can send payments to a designated recipient.

Find out more information about Totle’s API right here:

Who is the founder? 

David Bleznak: David Bleznak is a lifelong entrepreneur even from early in his career. After he founded a real estate investment group in 2013, Bleznak founded the platform as an easy-to-use navigation tool for users of decentralized exchanges.

More information can be found on the Draper Goren Holm portfolio page: